Monday, February 25, 2008

Last Of The Sausage Dogs

I had to miss portrait class on Friday as I couldn't get a ride in which heartily annoyed me as it was a life drawing class. Spent the morning instead making necessary phone calls and the afternoon packing books. This afternoon I finally finished the last dachshund pendant and have sent it away with the other parts of the order. One of the best moments of finishing a commission (apart from getting paid) is finally sending someone's photographs back as I'm always worried that something will happen to them while they're in my care. Never have but there is always a first time. I can now feel smug for a few hours before I get back to packing again.


Anonymous said...

what a shame about Friday

still its sounds like it was productive

well done have a good week

damask22 said...

Thanks Jen. Hope you have a good week too.