Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bad News Good News

Early yesterday morning I received an email to say that my entry for the NZ Art Guild Awards had been rejected. Not a good start to the day as I thought of all the time and money I wasted on courier fees, materials etc. However when I got to Portraiture I found out that "Old Friends" had been accepted for the Art Hawkes Bay Exhibition at Vidal's Winery. Nine Otane painters had work included which is wonderful news.
Jessie, the seven year old daughter of one of the class, was our model this week. I have never known a child so young sit so still and so patiently. She even managed some lying down poses for us and I had the lovely task of coping with lots of foreshortened limbs.

My tutor from The Learning Connexion phoned me Thursday for a chat before term begins. She wanted to know what resources she could send me to help with my studies and what I wanted to concentrate on this year. Made me keen to get back to work again.


The Trier and Jen said...

Im sori about your entry for the NZ Art Guild Awards. However CONGRATULATIONS on your "Old Friends"


damask22 said...

Thanks Jen. I felt immensely cheered up when I learned about Old Friends. Jen

Anonymous said...

1 up, 1 down - and onto the next challenge.
Glad your tutor got you all fired up. I'm doing term 2 stage 3 and realised today I missed the first conference call of the term this week - not a brilliant start LOL

damask22 said...

Hi Cath

TLC tutors are great for getting your enthusiasm fired aren't they? Sorry you missed your call- that's something I would do. Would love to hear some more about Stage 3 one day when you have time.