Thursday, February 14, 2008

Positively Stoned Again

Arrived at Otane early yesterday morning with the intention of trying to complete part of a jewellery order I've had waiting for a few months. I worked on and off most of the morning and finally completed this little Bichon Frise dog brooch at lunchtime. This has given me the idea to add dog brooches to my line so now I have to write a funny poem to go along with them (as I have with my cat ones).

I have arranged for a lady from Creative Hawkes Bay to come down here and interview Martina, Gine and myself with the view of us attending professional development workshops in Napier in May. The interviews are to gauge what exactly we want to learn apart from the basics such as creating a portfolio, marketing, keeping books and approaching galleries. Jacqueline asked me to talk to the group about the workshops as well but some of the people had already attended similar courses so it looks just like the three of us at this stage. However Martina and I are very excited about them and kept talking about them throughout the day (which is why I didn't get more painting done).

Jacqueline had also asked to see my papier mache mask as she is wanting to make a couple for The Little Theatre. After explaining the technique to her she suggested that we have a mask making day later in March. I'm happy with this idea as I have long wanted to make a more ornate version of mine plus it means I get a partner to help me make a mould that doesn't have a nose which falls off! It sounds like we're going to have a very busy year with workshops nearly every month and many exhibitions coming up. I hope I can keep up with everything- most days I have to take two naps before I do anything.

On the way home Gine wanted to buy a couple of plants for her mother in law and as we were on Rose Street she suggested we visit Jan Gosling at Positively Stone Aged as she had offered to sell me some Oamaru stone for my TLC sculpture project. I paid $40 for quite a large piece which we carried home on the back seat. I would like to return there again sometime to look more closely at Jan's sculptures as we didn't have much time to talk to her.


The Trier and Jen said...

I like the brooch

Maybe in May we could have lunch together some time

thanks for the link going to have a look

damask22 said...

Glad you liked the brooch. Maybe we could meet up in May if I get accepted for the workshops.