Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things Are Beginning To Move

Got up early to finish a ginger cat brooch for a lady at Otane Arts. Gaye and I drove down to Waipawa and as usual the time passed very quickly as we talked about anything and everything. Had taken a new canvas to work on this time- a continuation in my patchwork animals series. Donna the art teacher was very interested in what I was doing so I showed her my business card which has two finished works illustrated. She said she had a friend who owned a quilting shop in Waipukurau and she would ask if she would be interested in selling them for me.

Jacqueline the second in command in the group sat next to me working on a watercolour of magnolias while Glenys stood to my left working on a new landscape. Jacqueline was intrigued with the brooch I had painted and suggested that Electra Gallery might be interested in selling them as well as my pendants and painted rocks. She offered to take samples in for Kevin Annan to look at.

There was an unofficial meeting at 11.30am at which nominations for the new committee were put forward. Jacqueline will be leader and Glenys the deputy from February next year. Tom, a gentle man in his 80s who has only been painting for the past few years suddenly said "I think it's time to recruit more men" to which I replied "I think that every day Tom!" Everyone cracked up. Marie announced a mini exhibition of Otane Art Group work will be held at Electra in October plus all the groups will be holding an open day at Otane on November 3rd and 4th. Donna suggested that I sell my jewellery and cards then as people are looking for small items for gifts. Later in the meeting there was talk of a life drawing workshop being held in February.

I had only just arrived home when there was a call from Donna to say her friend in Waipuk is definitely interested in my patchwork art and that perhaps we could go see her next Wednesday. I couldn't believe how she got onto it all so quickly! Also an email from my tutor at TLC in response to my selling a painting at Pukeora. She says I should be charging $20 an hour plus materials for my work so looks like I am not charging enough. I have to wonder though if people would really be willing to pay over the odds for my artwork.

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