Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hands Down (or nearly there)

Ten artists turned up for portraiture class at Otane yesterday morning. Our model was an older gentleman dressed in a red plaid shirt cinched at the waist with a belt, trousers tucked into boots and a white beard that made him look like Father Christmas. As usual we began with two minute gestural drawings to warm us up before beginning on longer poses where he sat down.

After beginning with charcoal I switched as per usual to pencil which allows me to include more detailing. These drawings are my better attempts. After morning tea the model lay down on the platform. Glenys and I moved from our positions as where we were viewing from the foreshortening was beyond belief and my current abilities. Even so I was left with a back view which included the hand placed in a difficult position. After two attempts I actually felt a hot wave of panic wash over me which the others recognised as a panic attack (very embarrassing). Donna came and stood by me and gave me some advice but said I was doing really well which settled my fears enough to finish the drawing and get the hand right.

My last drawing was executed quickly. When Donna and Helen saw it they were very complimentary and could not pick out any way I could improve it with Helen writing "confident line" on the paper. Glenys and I talked excitedly about the session all the way home and agreed how much we love the art days we spend at Otane and how much they help us with our work.

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