Saturday, September 15, 2007

Paper Mulberry and Farewell Tony Soprano

Kate picked me up for portraiture class at just after nine but we had a slow trip as she had a trailer load of hay she was going to deliver after class to Hastings. A nice Scottish girl for model who chatted away with some of the artists while she posed. I did two pencil drawings I was happy with in the end.
I seem to do better when I use pencil although note to self- remember to take a pencil sharpener. I am getting much more confident with practise although my drawings seem so faint compared with the others'. The morning flew by and I barely felt my shoulders protesting at working at an easel.

At midday we drove down to the Paper Mulberry at Pukehou- a blue renovated church housing a cafe/gallery. Martina had just finished hanging seven of her paintings for sale as she's featured there for a month. They looked great as they were mainly floral pictures and the walls were a pretty Wedgwood blue which set them off.

For lunch I had a Greek filo (very light pastry filled with veggies), citrus slice and a mug of hot chocolate with complimentary chocolate fish. There were eleven of us there so much discussion about arty political subjects. Funnily enough I was seated at the end of the table between Helen and Jacqueline (second in command of the art group) and as a polite conversation opener mentioned to Helen that my aunt lives in the same street in Waipukurau as she does. She asked her name and it turned out we're related as Helen is connected to the Ross's and the Sidwells as my mother's family are. I think we're cousins several times removed. Helen used to visit my grandparents on their farm at Wimbledon as a child and knew them well. Totally uncanny.

Coming home I needed a rest so watched the final ever episode of The Sopranos that I had taped the night before. At first I felt cheated and confused at such an abrupt ending but then it made sense that Tony was probably shot which is why the last scene was mainly from his point of view and why it suddenly went black and silent. David Chase always takes risks and some of them seem obscure but it was a fitting end to the series. I'm the only one amongst my family and friends that even watched the programme and thought it any good so it's been a lonely seven years.

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