Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Luck Comes In Threes

Usually I say that about bad luck and deaths but yesterday good luck paid me a visit three times! At Otane Arts Kevin Annan from Electra Gallery came along and gave a two hour talk about what makes a good painting and critiqued works people were brave enough to show. It was fascinating to hear him pick out a picture's weaknesses but also show how it can be saved by either cropping or chopping into smaller works. Jacqueline was sitting next to me and she took my Autumn lady up. When he placed it on the easel I wished the earth would swallow me up as he paused to give his opinion. He loved her. He went on and on about my using complimentary colours, her serene look, the light source being right etc etc. Then he asked people what they thought she was thinking and the answers were so different. Tom said she looked like an Art Deco lady and I replied that was exactly what my tutor had said. Kevin then said it was a really good painting and mentioned my donkey one that had sold at the Festival earlier this month. He said it was a beautiful work and they could have sold it many times over. By the time he'd finished I was shaking.

Jacqueline had asked me to bring along some of my jewellery but of course I hadn't had time to make any so I brought along my sample sheet, one pendant and my own cat brooch. She brought Kevin over to look and he said to bring samples along for the management team to look at as they would probably sell them in the gallery. He particularly liked the brooch with the poem- he said it isn't often art makes you smile! Jacqueline was almost purring after he left as she thought he would like them.

I had also brought along my patchwork paintings and cards for Donna to see. She loved them and suggested we drive over to Waipukurau after lunch to talk to her friend Claire Moore. Glenys said she didn't have to go home early so after a quick lunch we all headed out into the cold. Claire at Quilt Works loved the paintings and took four to sell on commission for me. She bought the cards outright and has ordered more. On the way home Glenys ordered some from me as well for her daughter.

And as if that wasn't enough good news later that day I received a letter from The Learning Connexion to say that my painting "Hippie Cat No 2" had sold in the students end of term exhibition a couple of weeks ago. I am totally thrilled.

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