Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas Sale

For the past two weeks I've been incredibly busy trying to finish the pop art painting I began a while back for an order, plus doing my course work and preparing stock for the Creative Hastings Christmas Sale. Today was one of the receiving days for this so headed down to town with cards, jewellery and some of my small cat paintings. Recently I have begun putting a patch of blue sky behind the subjects on some of my pendants to make them pop. The picture to the left features some of the ones I entered at the sale including a painting of Tobermory my goat (sans horns). Just wish the scan would show up more of the detail in the painting.

I also painted several cat brooches this week but ended up taking a couple plus a pendant into The Craftsman which has just shifted premises. This meant I only had three ready to take down to the sale but will get onto painting more this week. The ginger cat on the left is based on my girl Peaches. She's not quite that round yet but give her time as she loves her kai!

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