Monday, November 20, 2006


Finally got a few spare minutes to scan in two of my favourite pieces from my last TLC folder. One exercise was to take an Old Master's painting and then translate it into a pastel drawing. I had very little enthusiasm for this as I am not a big fan of pastels but something amazing happened and I was able to copy this section of a Cezanne painting in only an hour. It was interesting to see what colours he uses in painting skin tone- green, purple, blue etc.

We also had to buy a $5 frame from a second hand or thrift shop and renovate it. I really enjoyed this task and spent six hours working on this frame. Originally turquoise with gold stars I applied two layers of High Build (a type of runny plaster), embedding blue glass into it while wet, then painted it a wedgewood blue before rag rolling gold over the top. I found some thick cord to hang it with and painted it a matching blue. I've hung it in my kitchen where it looks ok empty but I'd eventually like to do a portrait of the five cats.

In her assessment of this folder's work Irene said I have a strong design sense and should perhaps think of illustration or portraiture work. Considering I had enrolled at The Learning Connexion to learn illustration and portraiture I was happy to learn I'm developing in that direction.

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