Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama and Otane Rock

I'm not American but I have to say even I became emotional watching Barrack Obama's speech after winning the US Presidential Election. I think his term in office will bring peace and hope to America and hopefully will raise their standing again throughout the world. After eight years of "W" the American People deserve a break.

Glenys and I spent last Sunday afternoon at the Otane Arts and Crafts Open Weekend. I was three hours painting a Christmas decoration I am donating to a project the New Zealand Art Guild are involved in to raise funds for Starship Children's Hospital. As it had to have a Kiwi theme I decided to paint a Perendale Sheep although he is without a Santa hat. A few people came into the art room to look at the paintings for sale (only one sold and not mine unfortunately) and to chat to the few of us working. I got to know another donkey person who took my business card. Also sold several of my cards- mostly donkey ones!

Today I returned to portraiture but my mojo had shrivelled up and died. Nothing I drew looked good and so in the end I gave up and went to sit in the art room where my friend Gine had laid on a celebratory home made sponge with sparkling grapejuice to celebrate the fact that she is expecting her first child. Everyone was so happy for her although the requests for her to pose while pregnant weren't long in coming. Never let it be said that an artist lets a chance go by!

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