Thursday, November 13, 2008

National Wins

What a week of change we've had here with National sweeping to power in last Saturday's election. I was determined to vote this time as I felt the country needed a change from the nanny state mentality which has brought us to our knees over the past nine years. Gay and I went to Tikokino School to vote and although we passed some people coming out we were the only ones there so didn't have to wait in a queue. This is the only day when we truly are a democracy and our voices are heard and, more importantly, listened to.

I had so much work to complete over the last week preparing for the Creative Hastings Christmas sale but as luck would have it I ran out of one of my meds and as I couldn't get anymore until this week had to go cold turkey. Do not recommend that to anyone as I ended up dizzy, nauseas and sore all over as if I had the flu. Still I managed to complete four pendants and three more brooches although I think these cats look slightly under the weather by their expressions!

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