Saturday, April 12, 2008

On My Mind

I am a "you must eat your vegetables before you have your dessert" sort of person so I haven't felt guilt free enough to spend much time painting the past month. If it wasn't for going to Otane I wouldn't have done anything creative at all. However I managed to finish my piece for the New Zealand Art Guild 2008 Collaborative Work "On Your Mind". I was sent a wooden rectangle with the background colour of cadmium red and buff already painted in. This was to be left alone as it forms part of the whole work which won't be seen until the NZAG Exhibition opens in July after which the whole work will be auctioned on Trademe.

Of course the theme "On Your Mind" made me consider leaving the wood blank but I sat with a scrap of paper and drew without consciously thinking for about ten minutes. What emerged was interesting. I went back to the topiary tree which was something I drew a great deal of several years ago. I guess that represents new growth or a new start in life. The two toned heart represents two people very close to me who are extremely ill at the moment. The golden sun above this weeps healing tears onto the heart representing all the healing and positive thoughts being sent to them at the moment. I find I definitely enjoy painting on a wooden surface for a change plus getting something completed a month before the deadline was a really nice feeling as well.

Helen's husband Jack completed making the second easel for me which is now in the dining room waiting to be used. It's just wonderful and will mean I can paint large paintings in comfort instead of being hunched on the floor for hours. My other easel is at Otane for use there with a sticker "Jen's Easel" marking my territory. ;o)


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

very nice
red happens to be my favorite colour

damask22 said...

Thanks Jen. I like red as well although more of a deep shade.