Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rainbow Nudes

I actually got some painting done this week. I have an order for a pendant which I took along to art group Wednesday completing over half of it. When I got home I found a parcel containing the three paintings I sent down to The Learning Connexion end of term exhibition. Not one sold but a photo of Hippy Cat No 3 was published in the catalogue.

Thursday I was out all day as I had an appointment for my biannual EKG. Embarrassingly this was done by what looked like a 12 year old male trainee technician. While in town we went to Mega Mitre 10 which was having a sale on tools as I needed things for the sculpture part of the course. I managed to find a tomahawk, three chisels, a wire brush, a file, a hacksaw, 10 metres of sash cord and a packet of picture hooks for $36.00! I was intrigued by the fact the file was called a "bastard file". Rich was amazed at my ignorance but as I told him although I used to hear Dad call his file that I always thought he was just swearing!

Friday was another life drawing class. I tried to incorporate some ideas my tutor came up with re colours. The twenty minute sketch is on red paper but I decided to go pink to make the picture pop. My scanner is small so I've had to cut out the hands, legs and feet but it gives you a general idea.

The second one was done in just ten minutes and I think it does show a sort of frantic panic. Ah well we're there to learn. I only drew in pastel and charcoal this session to try and keep my work loose and free. I don't know if this always works for me. I must find a book in the library on pastel drawing as I haven't got to grips with it yet.

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