Sunday, March 02, 2008


For the first time ever I wasn't tired after portraiture on Friday. Glenys and I usually chat furiously all the way to Otane and then yawn all the way home but for some reason this didn't happen this week. Our subject was Pat who had a lovely strong face to draw and was so incredibly patient, sitting stock still for each pose.

I had received another folder of work back from the TLC on Wednesday so was able to put some of my tutor's advice into practice. Mainly trying to draw more freely, noticing where the light fell etc. Carrie is much harder on me than Irene but I have learned a great deal already. Often I will look at a painting and think that something is not working and I can't tell what it is whereas Carrie can pinpoint the weakness and tell me how to improve. Perhaps I need to use a greater variety of brush sizes, the colour is wrong etc.

This morning I have been making business cards for Martina also from the painting group. She is a very talented artist who paints floral/natural subjects in an unusual way. She will concentrate on a small area, perhaps the centre of a curled up fern frond, a piece of paua or kina shell or else the heart of a succulent. Martina is preparing for a mini exhibition at Electra Gallery in a week's time and I hope this will be the beginning of great success for her as she has worked so incredibly hard for it.

As for me I am currently working on Hippy Cat No3 in garish gold and purple for the Learning Connexion end of term student exhibition at the end of March. I am also sending "Old Friends" and "Celtic Mandala" to Wellington as well.

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