Tuesday, August 07, 2007

HB Today Article and Card Theft

Was given a copy of the HB Today article yesterday. A better photo where I look half human although my name was still wrong. A really nice write up though.

Heard Saturday that all the Guild members' business cards from the exhibition were found dumped 10kms outside Whangamata Saturday. Obviously some moron with too much time on his hands thought it would be funny to do that. Have made more cards to mail up there today but still pretty annoyed about it. Hope they find out who the culprit is when they view the security video.

Otherwise spend three days compiling the winter newsletter for the EDS Foundation. Spent most of Sunday photocopying it (till 9pm) then yesterday morning addressing envelopes before stapling all the copies and stuffing envelopes sitting on the floor till 9pm (again). Have a huge box full of mail to get rid of this morning which will be one more thing off my guilt list. Now I can get back to painting.

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