Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Trials Of The Female Creator

Put a donkey pendant up on Trademe Friday evening. It had three watchers by Saturday morning but sold with my buy now last night which I am really happy about as I'd put the price up. Have to finish a tiger pendant to take down to Otane for a buyer tomorrow plus have an order for a dog one for someone in the US to be done by next week. Wish it were like this all the time!

Have begun work on the winter painting in the four seasons series. Completed the sky with a palette knife Sunday and am currently working on the body with pointillism and hope to get that finished this morning. Looks a bit corpse like in colouring at the moment so need to warm up the colours.

I have found a way to get housework done plus find time for creating. After breakfast I allow myself until 9am to do any chores. After that no more apart from looking after the animals until the evening when I wash the dishes. No wonder women don't make as much art as men- maybe we would if we had a wife and didn't have to do everything ourselves. I am in a more enviable position than most as I don't have a husband and children to look after which would tear at my loyalties even more. I can leave paintings propped up on the piano, on the mantelpiece, books piled on the armchairs etc. without worrying so I can pick up wherever I left off. Most women don't have that luxury unless they have their own studio which most can't afford to anyway. It's tough being the superior sex! ;o)

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