Friday, October 20, 2006

Fish and Abstracts

Whenever I receive a folder of work back from my tutor she photographs works that are too large to scan which proves very helpful. In the last folio I'd included a fish collage I had done(my first). The exercise was to find a magazine photo and break it down into basic colours and then paint pieces of paper to match. She has suggested I can develop this fishy theme in other aspects of my work including my jewellery.

The other work Irene featured was an abstract from an exercise earlier in my course. Recently we were taught to mount paintings on card and then frame them cheaply with corrugated cardboard so I decided to do this with the red painting. Funnily enough this work is a favourite of a visitor who has asked to buy it.

Otherwise I have been busy sending out the Spring issue of Loosely Speaking for the EDFNZ and revamping The Menagerie website. It was the first site I ever built way back in 1999 and is a good example of all the mistakes you first make when you start in web design. I am turning it into a basic bread and butter site with a clean look (I hope) and cohesive theme.

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