Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Morning in town today. Had to find an old picture frame to decorate for my course. Went to a second hand trader who had quite a few pictures but they were quite highly priced. However when I went into another area of the shop I saw a good sized wooden frame hanging on the wall. Turquoise and covered with gold stars it was only priced at $5 so grabbed it. Then went to Mitre 10 and made the mistake of asking for Hi Build to plaster it with. One assistant was totally sceptical that there was any such thing but an older guy came out and suggested a similar product he had used called One Time which he feels will do the job.

Took two more cat brooches into the The Craftsman to replace those sold a fortnight ago and found the one remaining calico cat brooch had gone the day after my demonstration. Maureen felt that it may have been bought by someone who saw me paint that Sunday.

The mail this afternoon brought info about the 2006 Creative Hastings Christmas Sale. Can't believe it has come up so quickly. I have indicated what I would like to sell and will send the form back tomorrow. Very very busy time coming up.

Going back through my art records I found this pointillist drawing I did several years ago for The Young Theosophist magazine. Never received the original back so had to scan from a copy. I really enjoyed doing this drawing- donkey's have such character.

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