Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Beginnings

I realised this morning that it is nearly six weeks since I last updated this blog. This was partly due to my having to shift in mid March, partly due to a family bereavement, partly due to being lackadaisical. I didn't stop painting though attending two life drawing sessions as well as a portraiture one last Friday in the midst of all the chaos.

Other news is that I passed Year One Stage One of my TLC course. Also that I finally saved up enough Warehouse gift cards I'd been given over the years to buy a digital camera. There are two unfortuatelys to qualify this. 1. Unfortunately there wasn't a memory card with the camera so I only have enough memory to store three photos until I save enough to buy one. 2. Unfortunately my computer had a complete hissy fit when I tried to install the camera's software. Needless to say I think it'll take a while until I can afford another computer so I may have to make a few trips to the chemist to get my photos downloaded instead. However it'll still be faster (and cheaper) than using my steam driven camera which I will save for the art shots instead.

There is an outside room here which could make a good summer studio as it faces south and the lighting is unchanging. I have all my art supplies in boxes out there ready to be unpacked except my acrylic paints which are living on the coffee table in the sitting room as my current art studio is situated on my knees as I paint sitting on the sofa in front of the TV. Unfortunately when I become to comfortable I tend to nod off. However I have three deadlines this week for work due at different places so my napping hours may be curtailed in favour of brief periods of panicking instead.


Kippers Dickie said...

What a coincidence? I too went Digital in March after years of 35mm. I did a little bit on my blog on 'three generations' of photography.
If's here..

It really did make a fantastic difference as I can now see the pictures taken, straight away.

damask22 said...

With my 35mm I always take more shots than I need just in case I don't get that really good photo I want. Then there's the time the film didn't wind on properly and I lost all the photos I thought I'd taken of my kittens growing up! Like you I wonder what my grandfather would have made of this new technology but knowing Granddad he would have been the first to buy a digital camera and throw his Minolta away!