Monday, March 09, 2009

Beware Of The Chisel

At the moment whenever I get stressed I go out the back and hack away at my Oamaru stone sculpture. Each time I bang the chisel with the hammer I imagine it's not just a stone head I'm hitting. Who says art isn't therapy?

This afternoon I had my first official committee meeting as "No 2" of the Painters' Group. One and a half hours later Glenys and went to the bank in Waipukurau before having afternoon tea at a local cafe. Glenys reckoned after all the excitement I needed a hot chocolate. It is interesting to see all the work that goes into an organization behind the scenes. I can well understand previous members' reluctance to go back on the committee. Hopefully my large mouth won't have my stockinged foot in it too often.


Kippers Dickie said...

Hi Jen,
I'm a painter, a carver and a model maker (retired) and I just do my own thing. Your Mother was right about "pride before a fall".
We have lots a little sayings like that around here...just to keep us going.
"Always hope for the best...
expect the worst ...and take what comes" they say.
and "Just before giving up....have one more try"

damask22 said...

Hi Bernard.

Those old sayings have more than a kernal of truth in them haven't they?

Thanks for reading my blog.