Friday, February 20, 2009

A Real No 2

Monday I attended my first Otane Arts and Crafts AGM. Glenys and I arrived early to help although the most I did was help put out mugs. After a shared lunch where the few painters attending ended up in a corner chatting we all sat in the art room for the hour long meeting. The election of officers for the committee included the leaders of the four groups. Jacqueline nominated Glenys for leader (with no small amount of glee I noticed) and when it came to a second Helen nominated myself and Jacqueline seconded the motion. After all these years being called No 2 now I can truly say that I am.

Life Drawing yesterday was with a pregnant model who has agreed to sit for us for the three months before her baby is born. We had two new people attending including one lady from the Dannevirke art group. Because of the extra interest Helen has suggested we hold life drawing every three weeks instead of once a month. I have a friend who says I've seen more naked bodies than she has but it honestly makes you not feel so bad about your own. It's a pity some of these Hollywood actresses couldn't take a class as they'd realise how interesting the human body is as it ages and how boring the silicone Barbi look really is.

I have hardly picked up a brush in the past week although one morning I felt stressed so took it out on my Oamaru stone "sculpture" (I use quotation marks for irony)giving the half formed face a nose job. I am rethinking what I intended as the nose I have carved so far is not the aquiline feature I imagined. Instead it looks like someone has shoved it into a mammogram machine.

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