Sunday, September 21, 2008

Radio Kidnappers Interview

I had my interview on Radio Kidnappers last Tuesday (16th Sept). I was so nervous beforehand but told myself that I needed to move out of my comfort zone. Got to the station at 9.50am as the manager had said that the interviewer would ask me a few establishing questions before we went on air. Helen Charters was extremely efficient and took most of my nerves away. I had taken along my small portfolio to show her a sampling of what I do and she flipped through this over the next hour. She asked about everything I did so I managed to mention my jewellery, the pet portraits, pointillism as well as The Learning Connexion and Otane Painters.

Throughout the hour Helen played songs from a couple of CDs I'd taken along. Unfortunately most of my favourites are on tape so I only took along Hayley Westenra, Yulia and Crowded House. Helen also did a great deal of advertising of my site, blog, contact details etc. although as yet I haven't been flooded with new business (although Helen says she'll get back to me as she wants to order a couple of things).

I never thought I would be able to talk for an entire hour about my work but I managed it although I have a feeling I waffled in parts. Radio Kidnappers have recorded my interview so I'm getting a CD in a couple of weeks. Two people from Otane Painters listened in as did my brother and sister in law. However I think they were the only ones as all my friends tell me they forgot!

This conte pencil sketch is of my friend Gine embroidering last summer. I really want to work up a painting from this sometime as the backlighting made such a wonderful composition.

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