Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poppy and Sparkles

Yesterday was the first day back for the painters at Otane Arts and Crafts but Gine and I had a rough time even getting there with a normally half hour trip turning into an hour long one. On the way into Waipawa we were stopped on a hill by workmen who were felling trees ending up waiting in the hot sun for ten minutes. After doing a chore in town we then ran into road works on the way out of Waipawa and only reached Otane at 10.30am. I didn't like to let on that I was feeling really unwell. Don't know if it was the Fibromyalgia kicking in but my temperature went sky high, I got the shakes and thought I was going to faint. Glenys made me a cup of tea and after half an hour I felt much better and was able to begin painting.

I had taken Gleny's two commissions with me and actually managed to finish Poppy (to the left) before Gine and I left Otane at just after 3pm. I am very happy with this small (4x4") painting and would like to do something similar in the future.

Sparkles took a little longer to finish due to the complicated pattern of the tabby's coat but I like the juxtaposition of patterns and think the brown striped fur looks good against the blue. I just hope Gleny's daughter likes the paintings as they were both her cats.

I now have just over a week to complete three large paintings so will begin tonight.


The Trier and Jen said...

Im sori you didnt feel well this morning

I like your paintings especially the red one

hope you get lots done tonight


damask22 said...

Hi Jen

I was happy as I got a painting sketched in and it partially base coated before the light went on me at 9pm.