Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Life Drawing Class of 2008

It was our first life drawing class of the year at Otane yesterday so I was pretty psyched. Glenys arrived early and I was able to give her the two little cat paintings which happily she was pleased with. Twelve people attended the session and our nude model was excellent and needed no direction, in fact getting in some positions that were extremely challenging to draw. We worked extremely quickly for the first forty minutes, in fact I completed about seven drawings.

I had taken along different mediums so used pencil, charcoal, ink and pastel to try out. I still prefer pencil for the control I have although ink calls for a bit more thinking. My favourite poses were when the model sat on the platform and I drew her from the back. These looked classical and I would really like to do a more permanent work from one of these. Having an experienced model who knew what to do was a real treat. By the time the two hours were over we were all exhausted. In fact I hardly had any energy to make lunch after I got home.

Big intentions to do much painting once I got home. I had begun one the night before and did manage to get a half hour of work in before I went to bed where I had some paper with me and drew plans for the other two paintings. I will try and get one of these drawn on the canvas today as I think I would complete them faster if I were working on the three at once.

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The Trier and Jen said...

like your picture of the models back too
I like the colours you used