Sunday, July 29, 2007

Working On The Four Seasons

I have begun working on the final paintings in the Four Seasons assignment I am doing for my TLC course. First stage was when I was still living at Craggy Range Road. I had to make drawings of scenery and plants surrounding my home as well as charcoal drawings of a female nude. I then had to combine these into four drawings which were to represent the seasons. I am not confident working in pastel as I am so used to being able to put alot of detail into my work. However after sketching out my initial ideas in my workbook I was quite happy with the results and hopefully can correct any mistakes in the finished works.

What makes this assignment interesting is that each painting must be completed in a different way. Summer I am doing with a palette knife, Autumn (to the right) with pointillism, Spring with glazes and Winter a combination of the three. The paintings are being done on canvas board. Hopefully I won't muck them up!

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