Thursday, July 26, 2007

Otane Arts

Yesterday morning Gina collected me at 9.15am and after picking up another artist on the way we drove to the Otane Arts and Crafts Corner for an art session. Cloudy and becoming increasingly colder it was an ideal day to go along and meet everybody. There were about 15 people there working on various projects. I hadn't taken any work along as I was there as a guest but Gina did tell me to take my little portfolio of work to show people and throughout the day nearly everyone came and sat and had a look and chat. A couple of artists even brought their paintings over to show me. They were a very friendly and encouraging crowd.

They are also lucky in having a New York art teacher there who is available for advice. She gave me a quick tutorial on drawing hands which is a particular bug bear of mine. By thinking of fingers as one unit instead of four separate objects I should manage to overcome my reluctance to draw them. I asked if it would be OK to bring along items that were giving me trouble and she said yes because if she wasn't able to help there would be someone else there who could. Figure drawing is my biggest challenge so I am hoping to improve in this area.

Funnily enough I came away with an order for a tiger pendant from one of the artists there. I also wore my own Demelza pendant which people seem to like. While I was nattering away Gina worked on a lovely card for her mother in law who sadly lost her husband last week and everyone signed it before they left.

Gina has asked me if I would like to go back next week and I have said yes. I am going to join the centre and hopefully can make some new friends and learn new skills. Although the day was very long for me (I got home at 3pm) it left my mind buzzing with all I had seen.

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