Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Shearing Shed

Have been finishing up some spinning for The Shearing Shed at Waitomo. Used to work for Heather a few years ago before 9/11 slowed down the tourist trade in NZ and she laid off all her outworkers. However I still had some of her angora and yarn left so she asked me recently to finish it up and send it along. I also decided to make her a gift and painted one of her beautiful German Angora rabbits on a pendant.

The Shearing Shed is situated on Waitomo Caves Road and is a great tourist attraction as each day a few of Heather's 350 angora rabbits are brought down to the shop and shorn of their coats to the great amusement of overseas visitors. Yarn and high quality knitting featuring her angora fibre are also available for sale. Heather has always been extremely helpful with advice concerning my own angora rabbits which I am grateful for.

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