Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wishing For More Hours In the Day

In town yesterday so popped into Creative Hastings to collect some of my cards left over from the Christmas sale. Was able to have a good look at the wall space for the exhibition. I am not so panicky now as I think between Judy and I we should be able to fill it. It's a question as to how many people will look at our work and actually buy it that worries me now.

I then dropped off a pendant ordered by a lady whose much loved dog is in his sunset years and not going to be around many more months. She was happy with the work and asked for a card so that she can pass the word along. The stone was one I had drilled myself. I had worried that it would break due to being quite narrow at the top but it all worked out. I have asked my sister if she can find some similar stones near where she lives as she originally got this particular stone from the Clutha River. For some reason they're much easier to drill than the local ones in Hawkes Bay. They're a bit rough so perhaps they have more tooth for the drill to grip to.

The amount of work I am trying to complete at the moment is quite daunting. I still have three assignments to complete for my journalism course so am trying to fit this in around my art work. I wish I hadn't taken on the dog painting commissions as I really need this time to complete my other work. I wish there were more hours in the day and I had the energy to employ them.

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