Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Interviews and Other Stresses

Of all things I had an unexpected job interview last Wednesday. I had sent an article into a local community paper and the editor rang to say he was interested in running it and what were my rates. We got to talking and in the course of the conversation he mentioned that his other paper (a monthly rural publication) is losing it's main writer and would I be interested in the job? I went along the next day to talk about it with him as well as his sub editor. The interview lasted an hour. I have no idea if I will get the job as I think they're wondering if I can cope with the work involved. I am hopeful though that they will use me somehow. There was even some talk about my writing a column on life out here on the farm.

Under three weeks till the exhibition so it's stressing out time. With the hot weather and feeling a bit unwell I haven't finished as much work as I hoped plus I have three dog portrait commissions hanging over my head. Very nerve wracking.

Also today my book review for Homebizbuzz came out.

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