Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poultry Paintings

I seem to have gone to the chickens lately with regard to my paintings. For my entry for The Art Extravaganza at The Festival at Pukeora, Waipukurau I painted this little black hen in acrylics onto watercolour paper. I was thrilled when this sold.


When it came time to paint an entry for Art Hawkes Bay's annual exhibition I was still in a poultry state of mind so took a great many shots of my own flock before settling on my big Rhode Island Red rooster "Jock". With such a poser it was going to be an enjoyable experience translating him into art.


Using acrylics again this time I painted on linen paper. At one point I decided painting chicken wattles was a bit like doing a Sudoku puzzle. The more you do the easier it is. Unfortunately Jock didn't sell at the exhibition but hopefully he will soon find a new home.

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