Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm Dreaming Of A Rich Christmas

Every year I promise myself that I'll begin preparing for the Hastings Community Arts Centre Christmas Sale from January. Then suddenly we're into June and by the time I get anything half done it's October. This year I knew I definitely needed to repaint my wooden jewellery stand as it was looking scruffy and the cream paint wasn't setting off my work so black it became!
I have found wolf pendants to be extremely popular so I've always made sure that there's at least one for sale but tigers are also well liked. Lions, not so much. And as for warthogs...
This year I have also begun painting more abstract colourful pendants which I sell more cheaply as an alternative for non animal loving buyers.
I am also selling my hand painted brooches, cards, soaps and all the small ephemera which seems to be better selling than the larger work. If I'm to get more outlets (which I intend to try to do in the New Year) I will need to keep working regularly as despite their size these small items do require quite some work.
If you happen to be in Hastings pop into the gallery and take a look at the massive range of gifts that are available there. It's a great way to support your local artists and to find a unique gift that hasn't been mass produced in China.

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