Thursday, July 08, 2010

Altered Photos

My tutor send me an email assignment: to go outside for five minutes and take ten photos before playing round with them in Photo Shop or some other editing programme. I haven't really explored the effects I can get in PS so spent a happy hour exploring all of them. The above is a shot of sage leaves turned into a watercolour painting.

This is a mossy brick path "wrapped" in plastic which gives it a blurry distorted feel. I was impressed with how deep and vibrant the green of the moss appeared in the photos.

This is my favourite shot- a berry tree that has turned into an ink outlined painting resembling a William Morris design. I keep looking at the photo and finding it hard to believe that this little tree is growing in the garden and in reality is quite nondescript. The possibilities are endless- turn family snapshots into a mosaic, a self portrait into a distorted blurry horror picture, a pet portrait into a charcoal sketch. A great way to spend a cold winter evening.

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