Friday, June 20, 2008

Blue Nude

Woke up to an intense frost this morning. Apparently it was -9oC in Waipukurau first thing so goodness knows what it was up here near the ranges. However I didn't have time to concentrate on the cold too much as I scurried about preparing for life drawing.

Must say our model was very intrepid agreeing to strip off in the middle of winter but Helen had the art room well heated by the time Betty and I arrived at 9.30am. In fact it was so warm that after half an hour I had to take off one of my two jerseys! We worked on longer poses this time so I only completed four drawings but I was happy with them, especially the pastels. Taking on board advice from my TLC tutor I kept my strokes lively and didn't rub them into the paper especially since she told me that tends to make the form appear flat. I also tried a graphite and linseed oil portrait which worked well enough although I think that I will have to buy a softer graphite pencil in order to obtain the intense darks that Gine showed us at her workshop.

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