Friday, June 08, 2007

Site Revamp

Stuck inside as we're getting gusts of 130kms here- how the sheds are not taking off into the wild blue yonder is any one's guess.
I've done a major revamp of The Menagerie site after a friend told me it was too difficult to find anything. As I am selling all the books off I have followed her advice and put them all onto one page instead of divided into subject matter. The site is now half the size it was but hopefully I'll get twice the sales.
Finishing off some jewellery to put on Trademe to bring in some quick cash for vet bills. Was intending to do a craft fair tomorrow but still feeling under the weather so will have to leave it till next month yet again. I've hardly done any work in the past two weeks due to back pain which I think may be coming from my kidneys so looks like a trip to the doctor next week.

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