Friday, January 05, 2007

Donkey Painting

Briar has served as inspiration for several paintings and last year I did a small one for the Mystic Mermaids and Fantabulous Felines exhibition a friend and I held in Hastings. It sold to a UK buyer who was visiting New Zealand but not before someone else saw it and asked me to paint another version for them. They've waited patiently while I got on with other projects but finally this week I finished their order. This is unsigned as yet but will be heading off to the framers next week. I always feel that another brush stroke could improve a work but there is a stage where you realize that if you do any more to the painting you'll wreck what you've already done.


jennifer said...

Hello Jen's Pen
How neat it is to find your blog! I have a blog!
I am in New Mexico USA
I haven't read your blog yet due to my impulse need to comment. I will add you to my reading list simply in honor of Jen's need to stick together!
End of Pen of Jen for tonight!

damask22 said...

Hi other Jen

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yeah we Jens need to stick together. :o)

Jen in NZ