Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Presents

Well Christmas is over for another year thank goodness. I spent a quiet day on my own and my brother and his wife called in late afternoon. Home made gifts this year- I usually give my brother money and decided to personalize this with an original card so drew this sketch of Tobermory my goat whom my brother absolutely loves. Unfortunately the scan doesn't show the drawing too well as I tend to be rather gentle when sketching.

My sister in law had admired the picture frame I did as part of my art course so I made a smaller version for her on a wooden photo frame. The base I painted with blue with a slight touch of yellow ochre before rag rolling gold paint over the top. Diane features blue in nearly every room in her house so hopefully it will fit in somewhere.

They also brought back the last of my stock from the Creative Hastings Christmas sale. This year was the best yet for me as I sold thirteen pendants and seven brooches, ten cards and one ladybird stone! Diane bought another three pendants for gifts since she has been unable to get out shopping since a bad car accident three weeks ago. I sold nearly 50% of what I sent in this year so it was definitely worth entering.

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